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We would like to present a webinar with the family solicitor Katarzyna Zatorski

“Court orders - domestic violence" is the first part of our series “Ask an Expert". It provides information and guidance on protective orders, such as non-molestation order, harassment order and occupation order.

The webinar is in Polish. It will provide your Polish clients with answers to the following questions:

  • Will a non-molestation order allow me to deprive a parent of parental rights?

  • Can I apply for a non-molestation order after the case was closed by the police?

  • Can I extend the non-molestation order?

  • Can I apply for a non-molestation order despite the lack of evidence of physical violence?

  • Can I get an occupation order when I rent a house/flat?

  • Can you apply for an occupation order for someone who owns the property?

  • What are the requirements for Legal Aid?

  • Can a self-employed person qualify for Legal Aid?


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We would like to present a webinar with the Family Lawyer Katarzyna Zatorski. 

“Court proceedings relating to children” is the second part of our series " Ask an expert" - It provides information and guidance on orders setting out the arrangements for the care and contact with children.


  • Can grandparents apply for custody of grandchildren?

  • Can the mother leave the country with the child permanently without the consent of the child's father?

  • Is it possible to obtain a passport for a child without the consent of the other parent?

  • Is it possible to strip one parent of parental rights in the UK?

  • What special measures can the victim use in court when giving evidence against the perpetrator?

  • Have you got the right to ask for an interpreter for a court hearing?

  • Can you use the video you record as a piece of evidence in the proceedings?


Katarzyna Zatorski is a family law solicitor. She is a head of the family department at Truth Legal Solicitors. She supports clients with issues relating to domestic violence, contact with children, divorce and financial matters after separation.

Contact: Truth Legal Solicitors, 01423 788 538,


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