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Domestic abuse in Polish families

Training for Polish professionals

Our course will help Polish-speaking professionals to explore domestic abuse issues in Polish families living in the UK.

They will learn to recognise abuse and respond to it with confidence when they work with Polish people or support them in their professional roles.

Course objectives:

  • understand the main types of domestic abuse

  • list the main barriers to accessing support 

  • recognise signs of abuse

  • understand the key aspects of support offered to victims, children, and perpetrators in the UK

  • know how to respond to domestic abuse and support victims

Who is the course for:

  • Polish professionals

  • business owners

  • supervisors

  • people who offer services to the Polish community

  • work with them or employ them


3,5 hours

Courses are delivered online via Zoom by experienced and qualified Polish-speaking practitioners.


Find out when we are delivering this course and book your place!

The course is delivered by experienced Polish-speaking practitioners specialising in assisting Polish victims of domestic abuse at all risk levels in crisis situations and in long-term recovery. They are qualified Independent Domestic Violence Advisors. They have supported Polish people who experience abuse in the UK for the past ten years in various roles including specialist support worker, domestic violence helpline manager, support group facilitator, police and court interpreter, recovery programme facilitator, and web editor for a Polish website with information about support available to victims in the UK. 

Feedback from participants

"I really enjoyed the course. I learned how to recognise abuse, how to ask, who can help "

"Discussions with other professionals were useful, it was nice to meet so many different Polish professionals working in the same area"

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