Gateway programme

Promoting recovery and awareness among victims of domestic abuse

Gateway Ethos

The Gateway Programme is built on the principle of respect and empowerment while raising awareness of the impact and dynamics of controlling relationships.


To raise awareness within an accredited risk managed programme, encouraging safer and informed choices for the future


  • Create a safe space for mutual support

  • Promote an active understanding of the dynamics of controlling relationships.

  • Increase understanding of where the responsibility for abusive behaviour lies.

  • Reduce isolation, self blame, denial and minimisation.

  • Raise awareness via person centred active experiential methods, respecting the privacy of personal experiences.

  • Consider attitudes and beliefs that support abusive behaviour.

  • Improve safety planning strategies.

  • Increase understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on parenting skills and children’s lives.

  • Consider potential early warning signs in new relationships.

  • Identify support mechanisms through formal and informal provision.


group course - 7 weeks - 2 hour sessions

one-to-one - 5 weeks - 1,5 hour sessions

“I feel more confident now. I know that I will manage on my own if I leave my partner. I will try to have a “healthy” family. I will never give up. I am my own person.”

“I understand now that I am not the only one in this situation. I understand my strengths better and I know how to protect myself and my children”

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