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Mental health support 

in Cheshire

Specialist support for Polish men and women

Mental health support project for the Polish community in Cheshire.


The aim of the project is to support Polish adults who experience mental health issues. We want to reach out to people who experience multiple barriers from engaging with British agencies to ensure that they access support at the right time.  


We offer the following services:

Sitting in Bus


We want to reduce clients' isolation, increase their self-esteem and stress coping strategies. The opportunity to speak about personal matters in the native language is a huge relief for clients.

Outdoor Portrait


Counselling provides a safe, neutral and confidential environment where clients can explore their issues and can work with a counsellor towards finding their own solutions or coping strategies.

Promotional materials

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If you would like us to send you bilingual leaflets, please contact us:

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The project is financed by NHS Cheshire Commissioning Group

If you would like to refer a Polish client to this service, please complete our referral form and send it to us following instructions on the form.
We also accept self-referrals.

If you would like to find out more about the project please CONTACT US.
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