Parenting support

Improve your clients' skills in raising their children in a positive and nurturing way

There is a very strong family ethos in the Polish community. Family is at the heart of the community and its life is centered around children and their needs. Some parents however, struggle to create a safe and nurturing environment for their children because they haven't got the skills and knowledge themselves or they encounter additional difficulties in their lives, like domestic violence, addictions or serious illness.

We believe that the biological family is the best place for the child and parents should be supported in gaining parenting competences that will allow them to achieve best possible results in raising their children. Our understanding of the Polish culture and different approaches to parenting in Poland help us to create positive relationships with families we work with.

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Group Meeting


The Nurturing Programme promotes emotional health, relationship skills and positive behaviour management strategies. It encourages an approach to relationships that gives children and parents an emotionally healthy springboard for their lives and their learning. 

The 10-week programme was created by child psychologist Dr Stephen J Bavolek and is being further developed by Family Links, a national charity promoting families' emotional health and well-being.

It's an evidence based course.

We deliver group courses in Polish, they are run by trained facilitators.