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How to successfully raise bilingual children

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

Our first workshop for Polish parents who raise their children in the UK and want to preserve their native language and culture at the same time.

Raising bilingual children presents as a difficult task for parents, but the benefits of speaking two or more languages are undoubtedly worth every effort they put into their work.


We are running a workshop for parents and their children in Wrexham on 20 October 2018.

Parents will learn how to successfully raise bilingual children and how using more than one language can affect child's development. We'll bust common myths about bilingualism and give parents practical tips on improving linguistic skills of their children.

Children will take part in fun activities in English and Polish, which will give them an opportunity to practice their language skills and spend time with their Polish peers.

Workshop is free to all parents. It's financed by the Polish Consulate General in Manchester.

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