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Domestic violence awareness and recovery programme for Polish women in Derbyshire

#VestaSFSCIC will deliver Gateway - domestic violence awareness and recovery programme to Polish women who experience(d) domestic abuse.

We will deliver one group course in Derby and we will also offer the course to five women from Derbyshire on a one-to-one basis. Courses will be run in Polish by accredited facilitators. Please keep an eye on our website, Facebook and Twitter, we’ll publish course dates and further information there.

Gateway is an accredited programme. It is built on the principle of respect and empowerment while raising awareness of the impact and dynamics of controlling relationships. It aims to raise awareness and assist recovery from the effects of abuse and encourage safer and informed choices for the future.

Course Objectives:

· Create a safe space for mutual support

· Promote an active understanding of the dynamics of controlling relationships.

· Increase understanding of where the responsibility for abusive behaviour lies

· Reduce isolation, self-blame, denial and minimisation

· Raise awareness via person centred active experiential methods, respecting the privacy of personal experiences

· Consider attitudes and beliefs that support abusive behaviour

· Improve safety planning strategies

· Increase understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on parenting skills and children’s lives

· Consider potential early warning signs in new relationships

· Identify support mechanisms through formal and informal provision

Domestic violence is a hidden problem in the Polish community and when it comes to light, the situation of the family is usually very serious. We want to reach out to victims to offer them support and knowledge that will help them to reduce blame, understand how the abuse works and empower them to take care of themselves better and create safer homes for their children.

“I learnt how to escape the abusive cycle and how to protect myself and my children”

The project is funded by The Community Foundation for Staffordshire from the Tampon Tax Community Fund.

1. Community Foundations are independent charities that make grants to support grassroots groups. They work with local businesses, funders and government to create tailored programmes of grant-making that respond to the needs and assets of communities.

2. The Tampon Tax Community Fund is money generated from the VAT on sanitary products to projects that improve the lives of disadvantaged women and girls. UK Community Foundations was asked by government to distribute the largest share of the funding raised through this levy to small, local projects.

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