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We are very pleased to present this guide to all professionals working with Polish families affected by domestic abuse. It aims to provide them with knowledge and understanding of complex areas of housing entitlement of Polish and other European Economic Area (EEA) nationals in the context of domestic violence.
Being homeless in a foreign country as a result of domestic abuse is a devastating experience for victims and their children. We must ensure that the response of support agencies effectively tackles this problem and foreign nationals get the help that they are entitled to receive to be safe.
Important notice: There have been recent changes to housing entitlement for EU nationals following Brexit. Please follow this link to NRPF Network website to see how status acquired under the EU Settlement Scheme may affect benefit entitlement -
More information about housing entitlement for EU nationals can be found on the Housing Rights website.
NRPF Network created a web tool to help professionals to work out if families can get help with housing and financial support if they have no recourse to public funds and what the local authority will need to consider when a family requests help from social services. You can access it on the NRPF website.

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