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Multilingual domestic abuse resources (Polish-English-Welsh) for professionals working with Polish clients
The educational resources are written for Polish people who experience(d) domestic abuse. They explain the nature of abuse and its impact on the victim/survivor and the children. Topics  covered in the resource pack:

  1. What is domestic abuse, and how to recognise it?

  2. Types of domestic abuse

  3. The cycle of abuse

  4. The impact of abuse on the victim

  5. The impact of abuse on children

  6. Violence against older and/or disabled people

  7. Safety planning


  • You will receive a folder with resources in two or three languages: Polish and English or Polish, Welsh and English.

  • You can easily choose what topics you want to cover with your clients as they are on separate sheets.

"I think it is an excellent resource. We bought it for our IDVA team as we work with clients of different national backgrounds, and language can be a barrier. I believe it will make our work with Polish clients much easier."

Domestic abuse agency in Kent

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