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Training for professionals

Maximise your effectiveness with Polish families!

Polish community constitutes one of the largest minority groups in the UK – over 1 million Polish nationals resided in the UK in 2022 (Home Office, Oct 2022). The majority of them are settled and many are fully assimilated into British society. However, some families struggle to adapt to their new reality, having historical issues they have brought with them to the UK, or where they have encountered additional difficulties in functioning as a happy and harmonious family unit.

Our courses will help you explore the issues affecting the lives of Polish people living in the UK so you can recognise them and respond to them with confidence when you work with Polish people or support them in your professional roles.

Father and Son


The “Specific issues affecting Polish families” course will give you more in-depth knowledge and understanding of problems within Polish families that require intervention from specialist services. You will learn about the nature of domestic abuse in Polish families and parents’ approaches to raising their children. You will also find out what cultural differences can affect their engagement with services and what support they would receive in their native country. You will find out the impact of bilingualism on child development and specific aspects of working with interpreters.

Duration - 3,5 hours

Because we appreciate your time is valuable to you, we look to deliver the courses at your place of work on a date that suits you.

We have over 10 years' experience working with Polish families in the UK. We have supported them within the British social care and justice systems and have seen how they cope with economic and political changes. We specialise in providing domestic violence and parenting support to Polish families.


Find out when we are delivering this course and book your place!

What Clients Say

"A couple of my team members told me they wanted to have more awareness about the Polish community and how we can improve positive engagement.  Vesta SFS CIC provided us with some real insight, useful tips and understanding of how to communicate and show respect when initially meeting with members of the Polish community.  It was very clear that they are knowledgeable and experienced in working with victims of Domestic Abuse and provided us with invaluable advice on supporting victims when they approach our housing options service."
Housing Options Manager, Eden Housing Association in Penrith
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