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Domestic abuse support for Polish women and men in Manchester

The project is delivered as a partnership between Vesta – Specialist Family Support CIC and Europia, a charity based in Manchester offering practical community and well-being projects as well as providing free welfare advice, legal surgery, and immigration advice.

We offer specialist support to Polish victims/survivors of domestic abuse in Manchester to ensure that they are safe in their homes. It is offered to men and women.​

We are concerned that Polish people, despite the fact that they constitute one of the largest minority groups in Manchester, are overlooked by services and their needs are not sufficiently met. They face a lot of barriers in accessing specialist services – language barrier, fear from statutory agencies, lack of knowledge of the system, isolation and financial difficulties.

The following services are offered to clients living in Manchester:

  • Information, advice and support in accessing local domestic abuse services

  • Welfare & housing advice and support

  • Face-to-face consultations

  • Online support group for women

  • Counselling

  • Emergency funding for accommodation related needs

To find out more about accessing these services, please visit the pages below for more information:

The project is financed by Manchester City Council.

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